The End of The World Patagonia Tour (14 February to 1 March 2025)

The End of The World Patagonia Tour (14 February to 1 March 2025)


The End of The World Patagonia Tour (14 February to 1 March 2025)

Duration :   16 Days 16 Nights
Price From :    £10,495.00
Max People :    8
Start Location:   Puerto Montt, Chile
Tour Date :  14 February 2025 - 1 March 2025

Tour Options

Rider Type Price Quantity
Rider - Shared Room
Shared Occupancy Room (2 Persons)
Rider - Single Occupancy
Personal Room (Not Sharing)

Motorcycle Options

Service Name Price Quantity
Aprilia Tuareg 660
KTM 790 Adventure
Yamaha Tenere 700
Kawasaki KLR 650
Suzuki V-Strom 650

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The End of The World Tour is the absolute epitome of adventure motorcycling, and in the number 1 or 2 position of any adventure bikers bucket-list and bragging rights.

This tour is 2,800 miles of some of the most challenging motorcycle riding on earth, and the Patagonia region – spread between Chile and Argentina, is the playground of only advanced motorcyclists, taking us from Puerto Varas in Chile, all the way to Tierra del Fuego – The Land of Fire, and to the southernmost tip of the Americas at Ushuaia, Argentina, and the last accessible city by road in South America.

We cannot express in words the magic of this tour and the mile after mile of world-class scenery that commences from the outset and which never ends, alongside some of the most challenging road and gravel conditions that keeps the mind sharp and the riding constantly challenged.

Patagonia remains one of the last untouched habitats on earth, and its stunning beauty coupled with its remote nature make for the ride of a lifetime.

Whether this tour is the most amazing gift to a loved one, a realisation that life is short and that tours like this are once in a lifetime, or simply a pure indulgence for the motorcycling experience and challenge, Polaris will ensure that you enjoy 16 absolutely magnificent days of riding alongside memories that will last a lifetime.

This tour is highly supported, and please be assured that all measures are positioned to ensure your safety at all times, including:

  • Highly maintained and region suitable motorcycle choices.
  • Spare motorcycles in the unlikely event of mechanical failure.
  • Bilingual local guides – working alongside the Polaris guide.
  • A support truck and driver (with spare motorcycles), shadowing the tour group and never more than a short distance and time away.
  • x2 Medics – one who is an advanced medic.
  • Satellite communication equipment to reach outside support and assistance in the unlikely event of being required.
  • A fully qualified mechanic who is experienced to constantly inspect the motorcycles for roadworthiness throughout the journey.

Accommodation for the duration of the tour is 3-4 star local standard hotels and guest houses, and in-keeping with the Patagonia region, where a great breakfast is included each morning.

Please note that we do not stop for lunches during this tour, such is the momentum of making pace and to ensure that everyone remains alert. Regular stops are taken however, and high-sugar and high-energy snacks are recommended to be purchased and carried by each tour participant.

Please see the ‘what’s included’ and the day-by-day for a full breakdown of the delivery of this tour.

Motorcycle Options During Check-Out Process

  • Aprilia Tuareg 660
  • KTM 790 Adventure
  • Yamaha Tenere 700
  • Kawasaki KLR 660
  • Suzuki V-Strom 650

Come and join Polaris for this experience of a lifetime, and leave with lifelong amazing memories and newfound friends. 

Please see the day-by-day tour schedule below for the full details of this tour. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this tour further, please contact Polaris today.

*Please note that the following map graphic only displays a rough guideline of the route for display purposes.

Places You’ll See :

Tour Itinerary (Click Each Day For Full Details)

Day 1 - 140 Miles

Day 1 due to the challenging nature of the tour encompasses a morning getting acquainted with and professionally packing the bikes, followed by a meeting to cover the route and all safety aspects. 

On all riders being confident and ready, we take a back road around the Reloncaví Estuary to meet up with the Carretera Austral and we then ride due south to the small coastal town of Hornopirén, where our first evening's accommodation awaits, and where we dine together for a complimentary welcome group meal. 

This morning of preparation and an easy afternoon is a great way to ease into the splendor of Patagonia, and to ensure that everyone has a 'feel' for their respective bike. 

Day 2 - 150 Miles

Day 2 leaves Hornopirén and we board a ferry for a five hour boat trip south along the west coast of Patagonia.

We will sail through a beautiful fjord bordering the northern section of Parque Pumalín before we arrive at the port of Caleta Gonzalo. 

From there, we ride through Parque Pumalín, where we have an opportunity to view the 3,000 year old giant Alerce trees that line the route. 

We eventually head to Lago Yelcho, the destination of our second night's accommodation. 

Day 3 - 225 Miles

Day 3 sees the tour depart Lago Yelcho, and with a great look forward that we will be experiencing some amazing and diverse riding on some truly beautiful roads. 

We ride to Puyuhuapi and into Parque Nacional Queulat, before heading toward the Queulat Hanging Glacier. 

The glacier sits atop a rocky cliff with waterfalls flowing down into the lake below, and it's a bucket-list Patagonia route must-see. 

We then continue our ride through a remote and long stretch of the Carretera Austral down to the main city of Coyhaique, the location of our late-afternoon stop and evening's accommodation. 

Day 4 - 135 Miles

Day 4 takes the tour from Coyhaique where we ride into the Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo. 

Cerro Castillo is an extremely impressive rock formation that is will be visible to our west, and high in the mountains above the Carretera Austral. 

After passing Cerro Castillo, we ride into a remote and long stretch of road to our ultimate destination of the day, the small town of Puerto Río Tranquilo, directly situated on the shores of the largest lake in Chile, Lago General Carrera, and an amazing place to see and to stop for the evening. 

Day 5 - Rest Day

Day 5 is a rest day in Puerto Río Tranquilo, where we remain in the same hotel as our hub. 

The area has many attractions, one of which is the Marble Caves, and these caves have been carved out from thousands of years of waves washing against them from the Lago general Carrera lake. 

With stunning blue colors reflecting from the water, these caves are not to be missed, and we will lead an optional group tour to see them. 

Accessed only by boat, we take a boat tour out to these natural wonders of the Chilean Patagonia, before returning back to the town to relax, to eat, and to drink as we rest from the saddle. 

Day 6 - 105 Miles

Day 6 proves that every day is a new adventure on this tour, as we ride towards the end of the world and we pass the Rio Baker and Parque Patagonia. 

Parque Patagonia offers views of wild Guanacos and other animals found in this far south part of the world, while the Rio Baker, flowing from Lago General Carrera into the ocean, shows off its amazing blue colors. 

The final stop will be in Cochrane, where we rest, eat, and drink, in preparation for the following day. 

Day 7 - 265 Miles

Day 7 is the first time on this tour, and the first of many where we will cross the Chile-Argentina border that straddles Patagonia, where we join Argentina's Ruta 40. 

We cross the border on a remote and less-used crossing, where we then get the opportunity to ride dirt roads all morning to reach the paved Ruta 40. 

The famous strong winds of the Argentine Patagonia are often a challenge, and so if they blow on this day, we have to tailor our riding to suite the strong force.  

After a relatively long day we reach a remote but very beautiful hotel in Gobernador Gregores where we gain some well-earned rest and as many calories as we feel like eating and drinking to recharge. 

Day 8 - 185 Miles

Day 8 takes the tour departing the town where we will ride one of the few dirt road sections of Ruta 40 which is a great ride. 

Heading for the famous towers of Mount Fitz Roy in the small town of El Chaltén, famous for its hiking and rock climbing, this scenic town is a must to experience Fitz Roy and the surrounding area. 

That afternoon we remain in El Chaltén as our rest hub and hotel location for the evening. 

Day 9 - 135 Miles

Day 9 is a relatively easy and short day to wind-down into the ride from Chaltén to El Calafate, the site of our following days rest day, and which allows us to explore the area more that evening and the following day. 

Day 10 - Rest Day

Day 10 is a rest day from riding, and this is a special rest day as we visit the Perito Moreno Glacier National Park and spend the whole day inside the park viewing the Glacier and the amazing surrounding area.

We also take lunch at the base of the viewing platforms and soak in the surrounding natural area. 

Day 11 - 290 Miles

Day 11 sees us depart El Calafate on Ruta 40 where we reach a dirt road to cross back into Chile. 

We then ride south through the town of Puerto Natales, and this is one of the windiest sections we will ride in Chile, with amazing sweeping roads that are world class smooth windy tarmac. 

Leaving Puerto Natales we head for Punta Arenas, the capital city of the Magellan Region, and the largest city in the south.

We will rest in Punta Arenas for the night, as we will take a ferry early the following morning to cross the Straight of Magellan onto the Island of Tierra del Fuego. 

Day 12 - 260 Miles

Day 12 sees the ferry crossing across the Straight of Magellan where we make our first step onto the Island of Tierra del Fuego.

We will land on the shores of the small town of Porvenir, Chile, where me move forward and make a border crossing into Argentina, before riding south and crossing the mountains while riding an amazing twisty section of road into Ushuaia.

The end of day 12 is always a celebration as we reach the end of the southern tip of South America, and we think back to the magnificent journey that got us there. 

Day 13 - Rest Day

Day 13 at the end of the road allows for a rest day, and the port city of Ushuai is not as small as you may think and we have a full day to experience the charm of the city and to eat and to drink as a celebration for making it to the end of the world. 

Day 14 - 280 Miles

Day 14 and well rested, it's time to go back into Chile.

The tour will ride back up to Punta Arenas and alongside a beautiful coastal road. 

When we arrive into Punta Arenas and get into our hotel and change, we have an outstanding selection of great restaurants and interesting history to explore, and Punta Arenas is undoubtedly the most important city in the Magellan Region of Chile.

Day 15 - 190 Miles

Day 15 and we head to Torres del Paine National Park which has some of the most stunning scenery in all of South America. 

This National Park is a must see in Chile, and after experiencing this vast and beautiful park we will stay in another authentic and remote Estancia with wonderful views of the Torres.

Day 16 - 40 Miles

Day 16 and the final day takes us on a short ride to Puerto Natales, where we check into the hotel and ensure that we're all unloaded and repacked for departure flights out of Puerto Natales the next day. 

Our last night in Puerto Natales will be one for celebration and contemplation of the journey we just completed, and best of all, over a complimentary dinner.

Puerto Natales is a smaller town with beautiful views of the ocean and the perfect location to end this epic ride, and to share stories and memories over dinner and drinks that will last everyone a lifetime. 

What's Included

  • 90 Litre Loop Panniers
  • Airport Transfers
  • All Off-Bike Activities (If Scheduled)
  • Back-Up & Kit Vehicle
  • Bilingual Support Guides
  • Breakfast - Room Rate Included
  • Cross-Border Fees
  • Excess Luggage Option (Support Vehicle)
  • Group Departure Meal
  • Group Welcome Meal
  • Hotel Room
  • Motorcycle Border Crossing Fees
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Motorcycle Protective Equipment Loan (If Needed)
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Polaris Embroidered Polo or T-Shirt
  • Spare Motorbikes
  • Support Mechanic
  • Tour Guide
  • Tour Medic

What's Not Included

  • Dinners & Drinks (Outside of Complimentary)
  • Flights
  • Fuel
  • Lunches, Drinks, & Snacks
  • Personal Medical Insurance

Tour Facts

  • 2,800 Mile Tour
  • Off-Road at Times
  • Pillion Not Possible

Location Map


  • Start Location - Puerto Montt
  • Stop Off Point - Puerto Varas
  • Stop Off Point - Ushuai
  • End Location - Puerto Natales

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Having ridden, tracked, raced, moto-crossed, green-laned, and adventure motorcycled across the world for over twenty-five years, Stu is an extremely experienced motorcyclist and motorcycle tour guide, having planned, led, and executed motorcycle tours across the world for nearly twenty of those years. A former Airborne Commando in the British Army, Stu is no stranger to adventure and challenging environments. Alongside being an advanced medic, Stu drives every trip with meticulous planning, with attention to detail and safety, with a huge personality and an infectious sense of humour, and always with a beer or glass of wine in-hand at the end of a great day's riding. view more