The Swiss Alps & Italian Dolomites Tour (13-24 September 2025)

The Swiss Alps & Italian Dolomites Tour (13-24 September 2025)


The Swiss Alps & Italian Dolomites Tour (13-24 September 2025)

Duration :   12 Days 11 Nights
Price From :    £2,395.00
Max People :    10
Start Location:   Folkestone, U.K. EuroTunnel Port
Tour Date :  13 September 2025 - 24 September 2025

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The Swiss Alps & Italian Dolemites Tour is the epitome of beautiful European scenery with the most magnificent alpine twisting and undulating roads on earth, and as bucket-list rides go, this one is in the global top-10 for most riders.

Our hotel accommodation is a range of spa-hotels which are great for relaxing after a day in the saddle, and some magnificent high standard in-keeping properties through Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, and France.

Just a sample of some of the key locations during this tour are Dunkirk beach in northern France, the Ardennes Forest in Belgium, the Black Forest of Germany, and the beautiful Vosges Mountains, alongside amazing low-alpine roads, and just in the provisional days and before we even start to climb into the Alps.

Our first evening stop is in Belgium, the location of our complimentary welcome group meal, before we push down into Switzerland which craves exploration into the quaint and super-safe streets to sample the amazing local restaurants and food and wine.

This first few days is simply our entrance to the Alps, where we will pass some of the most stunning lakes of Switzerland, include Lake Lucerne and its deep turquoise hue, before we climb into the magnificent Alps and through some of the most spectacular twisting roads on the planet, where the stunning elevated views can be hypnotising.

We remain at this high altitude and spend the next 4 days within both the central Alps and the Dolomites, where while staying at a beautiful Italian hotel, we traverse the infamous Stelvio and Grossglockner passes and the playground of mountain range roads that we have on-tap.

We eventually push north into Austria, staying in beautiful Breitenwang, before losing altitude into Germany and hitting some of the best-kept German tarmac and roads leading us into Triberg and then into the amazing Cochem, where excellent food and drink options for the evening are off the chart outstanding.

We finally push north into western Germany, travel west across Belgium, before spending our final evening for our complimentary farewell meal in a glorious French Chateau in Cambrai, where we know that you’ll be impressed.

Although sad to leave each other as newfound friends, our final push takes us north back to the EuroTunnel, where we will share hand-shakes and hugs, before leaving to our respective destinations on arrival into Folkestone with some of the most amazing memories imaginable.

Motorcycle and equipment rental (if needed) is available through our rental partner, RoadTrip Motorcycle Rental, based just outside of London, U.K. 

Come and join Polaris for this experience of a lifetime, and leave with lifelong amazing memories and newfound friends. 

Please see the day-by-day tour schedule below for the full details of this tour. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this tour further, please contact Polaris today.

*Please note that the following map graphic only displays a rough guideline of the route for display purposes.

Places You’ll See :

Tour Itinerary (Click Each Day For Full Details)

Day 1 - 208 Miles (5 Hours Riding)

Day 1 of the tour sees the group meet at Folkestone, U.K. EuroTunnel Port, where we quickly say hello before taking the short 35-minute journey to Calais and hitting the French roads. 

We turn east and pay a short visit and our respects at the World War 2 landing site at Dunkirk Beach, before we turn south and skirt the city of Lille, before the magic starts with a ride through three consecutive national parks, the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park, the Parc naturel régional de l'Avesnois, and the Ardennes Regional Nature Park.

In the late-afternoon we get to our first evening hotel in the beautiful medieval Belgian town of Bouillo, where we spend time together and enjoy the complimentary group welcome meal together, and within an amazing boutique hotel with the most fantastic bar and restaurant that you can find in the area. 

Day 2 - 198 Miles (5 Hours Riding)

Day 2 sees us leave Bouillo and we contour the French and Belgium border line heading south as we skirt Luxembourg and sample some amazing country road tarmac as our appetites are wetted and the hills start to rise in front us into the Vosges Mountains.

Th is our very first sample of amazing rising and sweeping roads, before we arrive into our evening hotel, a beautiful wood-cabin spa-hotel deep in the country where the group can unwind and relax in the hotel's facilities as needed, before gathering as a group or alone to take evening dinner and drinks. 

Day 3 - 152 Miles (4 Hours Riding)

Day 3 takes the tour on one of our favourite routes and destinations.

We drive southeast across the River Rhine, before entering Germany and taking in our first experience of the beautiful Black Forest. 

Our evening is again spent at a very nice spa hotel, with a pool, spa, and various treatments available to relax after a day on the saddle. 

Situated in a beautiful Black Forest town, the evening is free for everyone to eat within the hotel, or our preference is to explore and to eat some amazing German food in a local German restaurant. 


Day 4 - 130 Miles (4 Hours Riding)

Day 4 takes the tour south as we start to see the expanse of the Alps mountain range as we cross into the amazing roads of Switzerland. 

The Swiss lakes start to appear and the lush green pastures of the alpines start to become more and more prominent as we gradually start to climb toward more amazing days of riding. 

We spend our evening in Interlaken in a beautiful traditional Swiss hotel directly on and overlooking the River Aare, where all tour participants are again recommended to walk into the town and to enjoy the local culture and environment in this beautiful town. 

Day 5 - 165 Miles (5 Hours Riding)

Day 5 sees the Alps rising directly to our right hand side as we head east further into Switzerland, traversing some of the countries most amazing lakes, including Lucerne, Zugersee, and Zurichsee, before we head south and start to climb into the Alps themselves on roads and views that always blow us away. 

Our evening is spent in Chur, a town nestled in the Swiss Alps and another fantastic reason to bring a pair of comfortable shoes and a jacket to explore the town and to sample the various quaint restaurants and bars. 

Day 6 - 196 Miles (5 Hours Riding)

Day 6 takes us higher into the Alps and into the magnificent National Park Stelvio, where no motorcycle tour would be complete without negotiating the Stelvio Pass, with its numerous mountain-side chicanes that every biker has to tick off their bucket-list. 

We finally enter Italy before stopping late-afternoon just outside the Italian town of Bolzano, where our hotel is a country location in a stunning hotel with an outside pool, and where a relaxing evening and drinks outside on the terrace is our favourite. 

Day 7 - Rest Day or Ride Out (Optional)

Day 7 and its activities are the choice of the tour participants. 

We will remain checked-in to the same hotel, and the tour guide will be taking a ride out with anyone that wants to experience more road miles and amazing roads of the Dolomites and also the Grossglockner Pass. 

Alternatively, relaxation at the hotel is recommended, where at high altitude and around the beautiful pool, Vitamin D and a suntan are easily obtained. This is also often the choice of pillion riders to get some rest from the bike, while the rider gets some time on the twisting mountain roads as a solo rider. 

The evening remains free, and the town of Bolzano remains only 2.5 miles from the hotel and a bike ride or taxi from exploration and a great choice of restaurants and bars, and more importantly Italian food and wine. 

Day 8 - 171 Miles (4 Hours Riding)

Day 8 takes the tour north, through the Dolomites and into the northeast Alps, some of the most pristine mountain roads that we can experience, and without losing altitude. 

The afternoon brings us into the beautiful mountain village of Breitenwang, Austria, where our hotel sits directly in the village.

A walk outside finds a village largely unaffected by modern-times and where we know that you will love the place as much as we do, including a small number but some great restaurants and taverns. 

Day 9 - 184 Miles (4 Hours Riding)

Day 9 sees us losing altitude as we drop down from the Alps on some amazing roads and past the Swiss and Germany border lake of Obersee Bodensee. 

We end our day in the stunning town of Triberg in Germany deep inside the Black Forest, home to the second highest waterfall in Germany, and some of the best German restaurants and bars that you will ever eat and drink in. 

Day 10 - 234 Miles (6 Hours Riding)

Day 10 takes the tour from Triberg due north and further into Germany, through some of the finest roads that Germany has to offer. 

Our afternoon ends in Cochem, a magnificent and historical town with great history and architecture that has to be explored, including again - the Germany restaurants and bars. 

Day 11 - 239 Miles (6 Hours Riding)

Day 11 pushes the tour north and then west through some of the best roads in western Germany and mid-Belgium, and these flat roads are usually welcomed after the previous week of either up or down. 

Our afternoon brings us into Cambrai, France, a historical city going back to the Roman era, and which hosts some of the best French restaurants and where this final day before leaving Europe is perfect for picking up a bottle or two of red or white wine. 

Day 12 - 211 Miles (4 Hours Riding)

Day 12 is always a sad day, where we make our final push through some great northern France roads, and finally hit the EuroTunnel at Calais. 

The sharing of handshakes and hugs always helps to cement some great memories, and we all depart on our own individual further journey as we arrive into Folkestone. 

What's Included

  • Breakfast - Room Rate Included
  • Eurostar Channel Crossing
  • Group Departure Meal
  • Group Welcome Meal
  • Hotel Room
  • Motorcycle Rental Available (Additional Cost)
  • Polaris Embroidered Polo or T-Shirt
  • SatNav GPS Tour Route Files
  • Tour Guide
  • Tour Medic

What's Not Included

  • Airport Transfers
  • Dinners & Drinks (Outside of Complimentary)
  • Flights
  • Fuel
  • Lunches, Drinks, & Snacks
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Personal Medical Insurance
  • Road & Bridge Tolls

Tour Facts

  • 2,200 Mile Tour
  • 2,200 Mile Tour
  • All Paved Road
  • Pillion Possible
  • Suitable for all Rider Levels

Location Map


  • Start Location - Folkestone, U.K. EuroTunnel Port
  • End Location - Folkestone, U.K. EuroTunnel Port

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Having ridden, tracked, raced, moto-crossed, green-laned, and adventure motorcycled across the world for over twenty-five years, Stu is an extremely experienced motorcyclist and motorcycle tour guide, having planned, led, and executed motorcycle tours across the world for nearly twenty of those years. A former Airborne Commando in the British Army, Stu is no stranger to adventure and challenging environments. Alongside being an advanced medic, Stu drives every trip with meticulous planning, with attention to detail and safety, with a huge personality and an infectious sense of humour, and always with a beer or glass of wine in-hand at the end of a great day's riding. view more