The France Chateau Tour (14-21 June 2025)

The France Chateau Tour (14-21 June 2025)


The France Chateau Tour (14-21 June 2025)

Duration :   8 Days 7 Nights
Price From :    £1,995.00
Max People :    10
Start Location:   Folkestone, U.K. EuroTunnel Port
Tour Date :  14 June 2025 - 21 June 2025

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The France Chateau Tour is a magnificent 8-days of enjoying the best roads and scenery in northern, central, and southern France; visiting some amazing and historical French sites; experiencing the best food and wine in the world; while staying at a selection of beautiful French Chateau’s.

On taking the EuroTunnel into France, we take in some of the key historic landing sites of World War 2, before heading south past Paris and into the Loire Valley region, a spectacular area of idyllic beauty and rivers feeding the main river Loire, where on this first night we’ll stay at a modern riverside Chateau.

As the tour heads further south, we take some of the best winding roads and pass some of the most magnificent scenery in France, before we eventually reach our home and base for the week, a beautiful chateau situated near to the UNESCO world heritage site St Emilon and close to beautiful Bordeaux.

We remain at the chateau as a base for 5 nights, and four full days can be enjoyed however our guests please, either to relax in the hotel, or to join the daily ride outs hosted by our guide. If you are bringing a pillion, it can also be an opportunity for the pillion to stay at the hotel and relax, while the main rider enjoys some time riding solo.

During these daily ride outs our guide will lead the group on some of the most incredible roads in southern France, and to some of the most amazing sights in the area.

These ride outs in a daily unique loop will visit:

  • Oradour-sur-Glane – The infamous deserted World War 2 town, frozen in time since the 1944 scene of a Nazi atrocity against the town where its population of 642 was killed in a single day.
  • Castelnaud-la-Chapelle – A beautiful and famous commune situated directly on the Dordogne river.
  • Saint-Emilon – A world heritage UNESCO site of a beautiful medieval town infamous for its wine-making heritage, narrow streets, and surrounding vineyards.
  • Bourdeaux – The historical capital of this wine-producing region and an amazing city of gothic architecture and history.

Sadly departing the chateau on the Friday morning, our journey heads north on some more magnificent tarmac roads to the eastern side of France, before arriving into the beautiful city of Bourges and to another fine chateau.

Our final day is a mixture of back country French roads up to the EuroTunnel where we will finally shake-hands and hug our newfound friends goodbye, before arriving into the U.K. and departing on our respective journeys.

Motorcycle and equipment rental (if needed) is available through our rental partner, RoadTrip Motorcycle Rental, based just outside of London, U.K. 

Come and join Polaris for this experience of a lifetime, and leave with lifelong amazing memories and newfound friends. 

Please see the day-by-day tour schedule below for the full details of this tour. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this tour further, please contact Polaris today.

*Please note that the following map graphic only displays a rough guideline of the route for display purposes.

Places You’ll See :

Tour Itinerary (Click Each Day For Full Details)

Day 1 - 296 Miles (7 Hours Riding)

Day 1 sees the group meet at the Folkestone, U.K. EuroTunnel port ready to board the short 35-minute crossing into France, before we turn west alongside the beautiful north coast roads and past numerous key historic Normandy landing sites of World War 2, stopping for the occasional mark of respect and photographs.

We eventually head south to the West of Paris and into the Loire Valley region, a spectacular area of France with numerous idyllic smaller rivers feeding the main river Loire, where on this first night we'll stay at a modern riverside Chateau situated in Orleans - the original namesake of New Orleans in the U.S., and situated directly on and overlooking the Loire river. 


Day 2 - 272 Miles (7 Hours Riding)

Day 2 sees the tour push further south as we head toward one of the most magnificent chateaus in France - the Chateau de Chambord, where we stop for a brief visit and for photographs of this amazing residence, before getting more road time through beautiful central and southern France, and arriving into our permanent chateau of residence just outside of Bourdeaux for the following 4-days and 5-nights.

The evening takes advantage of the award-winning food and wine at the magnificent chateau with the in-house dining team for our complimentary welcome meal. 

Day 3 - Rest Day

Day 3 is a chateau rest day, and tour participants are free to utilise the beautiful chateau, it's 3 hectares of private grounds directly on the River Dordogne, its outside swimming pool and sun loungers, or its orangerie or outside terrace to slowly drink wine and to take snacks and lunch throughout the day. 

The chateau also offers in-house cooking lessons from the award-winning chef. 

The evening can be spent eating, drinking, and socialising in the chateau with the group, or participants can be given advice on local restaurants as needed. 

Day 4 - 120 Miles (3 Hours Riding)

Day 4 starts the first day of our ride outs, and a beautiful and local 120-mile loop takes us on some magnificent local roads and to the world UNESCO heritage site of Saint-Emilon, an extremely beautiful medieval town with its unique narrow streets, wine-making history and wine shops, and surrounding hillside vineyards.

The evening can be spent eating, drinking, and socialising in the chateau with the group, or participants can be given advice on local restaurants as needed. 


Day 5 - 230 Miles (5 Hours)

Day 5 takes a further ride-out into a wider loop of beautiful southern France, but also taking a visit to the abandoned town of Oradour-sur-Glane, frozen in time as a memorial to the day that the Nazis entered the town and massacred its entire population of 642 men, women, and children in a single day in 1944.

The evening can be spent eating, drinking, and socialising in the chateau with the group, or participants can be given advice on local restaurants as needed. 


Day 6 - 80 Miles (2 Hours Riding)

Day 6 takes the group on a short ride into Bourdeaux, where we can remain together as a group or split as wanted to tour and to enjoy this magnificent city. 

Bourdeaux is steeped in world-renowned wine-making history, and so a rucksack to carry a few bottles back is always recommended.

The evening can be spent eating, drinking, and socialising in the chateau with the group, or participants can be given advice on local restaurants as needed. 


Day 7 - 270 Miles (7 Hours Riding)

Day 7 sees the sad departure from the chateau, and marks our first day of riding north. 

However, we don't let the day waste and we enjoy a rewarding journey up the eastern side of France through some amazing national parks and on some of the best tarmac in France. 

The late-afternoon brings us into Bourges, where we finish our chateau week by staying at another fantastic chateau property, and where we take the opportunity of the final evening to head into beautiful Bourges for our complimentary departure meal, and to swap stories of the previous weeks fun and great riding. 

Day 8 - 350 Miles (8 Hours Riding)

Day 8 finishes with the final push north to Calais, where after boarding, we say our final goodbyes with hand-shakes and hugs as the EuroTunnel brings us back into Folkestone and away for our respective homebound journeys. 

What's Included

  • Breakfast - Room Rate Included
  • Eurostar Channel Crossing
  • Group Departure Meal
  • Group Welcome Meal
  • Hotel Room
  • Motorcycle Rental Available (Additional Cost)
  • Polaris Embroidered Polo or T-Shirt
  • SatNav GPS Tour Route Files
  • Tour Guide
  • Tour Medic

What's Not Included

  • Airport Transfers
  • Dinners & Drinks (Outside of Complimentary)
  • Flights
  • Fuel
  • Lunches, Drinks, & Snacks
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Personal Medical Insurance
  • Road & Bridge Tolls

Tour Facts

  • 1,600 Mile Tour
  • All Paved Road
  • Pillion Possible
  • Suitable for all Rider Levels

Location Map


  • Start Location - Folkestone EuroTunnel Port
  • End Location - Folkestone EuroTunnel Port

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