The Top of The World Prudhoe Bay Alaska Tour (16-25 June 2025)

The Top of The World Prudhoe Bay Alaska Tour (16-25 June 2025)


The Top of The World Prudhoe Bay Alaska Tour (16-25 June 2025)

Duration :   8 Days 9 Nights
Price From :    £8,295.00
Max People :    8
Start Location:   Anchorage, Alaska
Tour Date :  16 June 2025 - 25 June 2025

Tour Options

Rider Type Price Quantity
Rider - Shared Room
Shared Occupancy Room (2 Persons)
Rider - Single Occupancy
Personal Room (Not Sharing)
Rider + Pillion
Rider + Pillion (Personal Room – Rider & Pillion)

Motorcycle Options

Service Name Price Quantity
BMW GS 750
($1,500 USD Insurance Deposit Required)
BMW GS 850
($1,500 USD Insurance Deposit Required)
BMW GS 1250
($2,000 USD Insurance Deposit Required)

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The Top of The World Prudhoe Bay Alaska Tour is another of the generally accepted top-3 bucket-list motorcycling trips on most adventure riders minds, and Polaris drive this tour during June which is the one of only two months of the years (June & July) when this tour is feasibly possible due to pushing into the Arctic Circle and the 60% paved and 40% unpaved conditions of this tour

The bragging rights for riding an adventure touring motorcycle to the northernmost point in North America don’t come easy, and this tour should only be undertaken by those with good level and experienced motorcycling experience on mud and gravel roads.

Once we leave Anchorage and hit the Denali Highway, we push north on the truck-haul roads of the Dalton Highway, and the roads constantly change from tarmac, to gravel, to dirt, to slick mud, to chip-seal, and then back and forth again to any combination.

What the challenging road conditions make for, the world-class and breathtaking scenery backdrops and roadside wildlife of bears and moose more than makes up for, and north of the Arctic we also keep our eyes out for brown bear, caribou, musk ox, dall sheep, and the extremely rare mud-crusted Winnebago.

Along the route will be staying at a mixture of 3-4 star hotels, remote lodges, and relatively low-level and rugged work camps as we move further into the remote wilderness, and because that’s all that they have in Deadhorse!

This is true an adventure riding route and both the road and weather conditions change constantly and often instantly.

This tour is not for the faint-hearted, and hence why it comes in the top-3 list and hold advanced bragging rights.

Motorcycle Options During Check-Out Process

  • BMW GS 750
  • BMW GS 850
  • BMW GS 1250

Come and join Polaris for this experience of a lifetime, and leave with lifelong amazing memories and newfound friends. 

Please see the day-by-day tour schedule below for the full details of this tour. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this tour further, please contact Polaris today.

*Please note that the following map graphic only displays a rough guideline of the route for display purposes, and the tour guide dictates the route.

Places You’ll See :

Tour Itinerary (Click Each Day For Full Details)

Day 1 - Arrival Day

Day 1 sees the tour group arrive into Anchorage mid-afternoon and congregate at the first night's hotel in Anchorage, where we'll get all participants hooked-up and acquainted with their motorcycles, before making plans that evening for a tour group meet/greet and complimentary welcome meal together at one of Anchorage's premium local restaurants. 


Day 2 - Anchorage to Denali Highway

Day 2 starts from Anchorage and gets remote quickly as we head out into wild Alaska and we head north to Cantwell, before experiencing the epic Denali Highway to the Susitna River area where we stay at a remote lodge located on the edge of the mighty Alaska Mountain Range. 

Day 3 - Denali Highway to Fairbanks

Day 3 concludes the last 50 miles of the Denali Highway as we enjoy breathtaking views of the Alaska Mountain Range and Wrangell Mountains.

We then ride through the amazing Isabel Pass and along the wild and scenic Delta River as we make our way to Fairbanks, where we stop and stay in the evening in a very nice standard hotel. 

Day 4 - Fairbanks to Coldfoot

Day 4 sees us ride the famous Dalton Highway, also known as the 'Haul Road' where we pass many heavy trucks carrying timber and supplies through the territory, and which is made famous in the T.V. series 'Ice Road Truckers'.

We cross the giant Yukon River and ride into the Arctic Circle, where we'll keep our eyes open for moose, caribou, and grizzly bears that often roam within eyeshot of the roadside.

That evening we stay in Coldfoot, Alaska, home to the 'Ice Road Truckers'.

Day 5 - Coldfoot to Deadhorse

Day 5 sees the tour ride through the scenic Brooks Range, before we travel through the North Slope and directly along the Alyeska Pipeline.

This is where we start to enter the realm of the Arctic tundra eco-system which is full of unique vegetation and animals, and where again we can start to look out for Musk Ox.

That evening we stay in Deadhorse in relatively basic worker-camp accommodation, where in this remote and northern area this far north there are no hotels. 

Day 6 - Deadhorse to Coldfoot

Day 6 we travel for our final push north before arriving at the northernmost point of the Americas - Prudhoe Bay, and its oilfields where we take a quick tour around the edge of the Arctic Ocean during the morning.

This area is significantly remote and there are no towns or infrastructure outside of the commercial oil business for around 245 miles.

During the latter part of the ride and day we check out the abandoned gold ghost-town of Wiseman, before we stay the night in Coldfoot.

Day 7 - Coldfoot to Chena Hot Springs Resort

Day 7 sees the group ride back down the Dalton Highway with a new perspective as we recross the Arctic Circle and Yukon River.

We take a left on a different return route and arrive into the Chena Hot Springs Resort where we'll be staying for the evening. 

At this resort we can relax and soak our relatively saddle-tired bodies in the resorts natural thermal hot spring lake, which is a really nice treat and experience.

Day 8 - Chena Hot Springs to Talkeetna

Day 8 sees us further experience the Alaska Range as we travel south through the Broad Pass.

As we head further south, Mount Denali - the highest mountain in North America comes into sight and it's magnificent.

That evening we stay in the Alaskan villa of Talkeetna.

Day 9 - Talkeetna to Anchorage

Day 9 sees an opportunity (if the weather is good and clear) for tour participants to take (at their one choice and expense) a private flight tour of Mount Denali.

We then travel south for the final ride and push into Anchorage, before arriving back at the original hotel that late-afternoon to debit and to get clean.

We then meet again as a group at another of Anchorage's amazing restaurants to take a great complimentary departure meal together and to share the amazing experiences and memories of the previous 8-days on the road. 

Day 10 - Departure Day

Day 10 is the departure day where we shake-hands and kiss goodbye, until the next tour with Polaris. 

What's Included

  • Advanced Remote Medical Support
  • Back-Up & Kit Vehicle
  • Group Departure Meal
  • Group Welcome Meal
  • Hotel Room
  • Knobbly Tire Upgrade
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Polaris Embroidered Polo or T-Shirt
  • Spare Motorbikes
  • Support Mechanic
  • Tour Guide
  • Tour Medic
  • x2 35-Litre Box Panniers

What's Not Included

  • Airport Transfers
  • Breakfast - Room Rate Not Included
  • Dinners & Drinks (Outside of Complimentary)
  • Flights
  • Fuel
  • Lunches, Drinks, & Snacks
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • Personal Medical Insurance

Tour Facts

  • 2,000 Mile Tour
  • Off-Road at Times
  • Pillion Possible
  • Suitable for Experienced Riders Only

Location Map


  • Start Location - Anchorage, Alaska
  • Stop Off Point - Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
  • End Location - Anchorage, Alaska

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Having ridden, tracked, raced, moto-crossed, green-laned, and adventure motorcycled across the world for over twenty-five years, Stu is an extremely experienced motorcyclist and motorcycle tour guide, having planned, led, and executed motorcycle tours across the world for nearly twenty of those years. A former Airborne Commando in the British Army, Stu is no stranger to adventure and challenging environments. Alongside being an advanced medic, Stu drives every trip with meticulous planning, with attention to detail and safety, with a huge personality and an infectious sense of humour, and always with a beer or glass of wine in-hand at the end of a great day's riding. view more